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"The TurboGrafx-16 is one of the most surprising retro game consoles, and it’s also one of the most fun. While its library isn’t as iconic as the NES, SNES, or Sega Genesis, there’s some genuine gold to be found here. If you never spent any time with NEC and Hudson Soft’s system when it was first out, or missed many of the best games because they only came out in Japan, this is an excellent opportunity to learn about and play some of the gems you missed. The TurboGrafx-16 earns our Editors’ Choice for being a retro console that offers new experiences to most American gamers."  - PC Magazine

Items included in this auction

About: This TurboGrafx-16 Console

The standard TurboGrafx-16 system shipped with only RF (radio frequency) audio/video output - the kind of output you had to use an RF switch and tune your TV to a certain station to see. RF output often suffers from ghosting and static. With RF output you also only got mono audio, not stereo! To get higher quality composite video and stereo audio output you have to buy either the TurboBooster, the TurboBooster Plus, or the TurboGrafx CD Dock System. Instead of having to buy any of those add-ons, this system has yellow/red/white RCA jacks added on the back with video and audio signals tapped directly off of the motherboard. Note that this modification does not impede the use of the TurboBooster or CD Dock systems and in fact the use of those add-ons will result in an even better audio/visual experience than this mod is able to provide.

This console plays the following games:

About: TV Sports Football:

The first installment in Cinemaware's "TV Sports" series, has excellent graphics and animation. Game play emphasizes arcade action, but also allows you to coach the players from the sideline. - IGN (also has great multiplayer support)

About: TV Sports Hockey:

Finally, TV Sports: Hockey makes up for all of the missing elements that made TV Sports: Basketball look incomplete. The close-ups, the digitized crowd noises and the atmospheric organ music may not have been absolutely necessary, but when you combine these "extras" with solid game play, the result is a full-featured hockey experience. - TurboPlay (includes fighting in a boxing style interface and has great multiplayer support)

The small print: (but large, so you can read it)

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Unless otherwise stated all items are used and will show signs of wear. The plastics and other parts of these retro systems are now over 30 years old and may show signs of discoloration, cracking or splitting. Whenever possible systems are fully tested with included controller and included games on a standard definition 240P/480I CRT television. Many HD (High Definition) LCD and CRT TV's supporting 720P/1080P/etc high resolutions display 240P via conversion circuitry which introduces LAG, and thus can impact gameplay. For the best retro experience I recommend using a standard defintion CRT. I cannot test new/sealed games. When shipping systems with sealed games I test using my personal Keith Courage game. Region unlocked systems (see my other auctions or contact me directly) are additionally tested with Street Fighter II (PC Engine) prior to shipping. See photos on auction listing for condition of items. No warranty stated nor implied however returns of unaltered and undamaged items will be accepted if the return is shipped within 90 days.

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